0.0.1 (27.04.2019.)

  • First release on PyPI.

0.0.2 (21.07.2020.)

  • Trefle.io changed so this release retains links to an old version that is to be removed.

0.1.0 (22.07.2020.)

  • Trefle.io updated so these things were changed:
    • Authorization is now handled through query parameter, copy module needed, new query_parameters property added and removed headers property.
    • Pagination handled through links in the body and made relative instead of absolute. No more page size.
    • Gzip response needed to unwrap the JSON response now. Will remove this in the future versions.
    • New bascic endpoints added for division classes, division orders and distributions.
    • Added new methods for client-side auth, selecting plants by distributions or genus, submitting errors and corrections.
    • Genuses endpoint renamed to genus.
    • Versioning of the API started so the url parameter in the constructor is split to base and relative urls.
    • Response changed to handle the added meta and links additions for the navigation.
  • Added ShamrockException wrapper for the low level library exceptions.

0.2.0 (15.07.2021.)

  • Trefle.io got deprecated so base_url parameter is now available when initiating Shamrock for drop-in replacements.